Welcome to The Pittsburg Appeal!

January 1, 2016 marks the inception of the digital publication you are now reading, The Pittsburg Appeal.  
This venture first began as many “somebody should” and “what if” conversations. It began in response to what we, the editors, felt was an important gap in press coverage of local events and activities. As writers and citizens who care greatly about our community and its direction for the future, we reached a point where we felt we could no longer sit by and hope that, maybe someday, Pittsburg would develop the amount and quality of press coverage it so rightly deserves. This place, the people who live here, and the events that transpire in this little corner of Southeast Kansas are too important to us for us to let them go unrecorded. So here we are.

Our aim is to provide thoughtful, in-depth coverage of news and events in the Pittsburg area and celebrate the appealing qualities of our community. Because we do not have the pressure to fill 6 pages every day, we can spend more time delving into the topics we choose to cover, and give those topics the amount of page space they deserve. And because our contributors have a wide range of interests and “beats,” we hope to cover a lot of different things, including local politics, our arts and music scenes, upcoming events, human interest stories, and investigative journalism.

As this undertaking is in its infancy, we will start small. The simple blogging tool that we’re using to publish this material has its limitations, but it does provide us with the basic tools to get started publishing and reach a wide audience. It’s possible that The Pittsburg Appeal will outgrow this medium in the future, and, if so, we hope to be able to respond positively to that growth in order to best serve the community we call home.

If you have a story idea or would like to see The Pittsburg Appeal cover an event, please message us at thepittsburgappeal@gmail.com. We’d love to hear your feedback as we venture forth.

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