Ballots Mailed Today

Photo credit: Gene Rountree-Garcia

The Crawford County Clerk’s office will mail nearly 11,000 ballots to registered voters in USD 250 today.  This special question election was requested by USD 250 Board of Eduction and asks voters to accept or reject the $67. 6 million school bond proposed by the district.

Destry Brown, USD 250 Superintendent, said the school board requested an all mail election to get more people involved.  “More people will have access to voting, and it is more convenient,” Brown said of the mail-in ballots.

According to County Clerk Don Pyle, all mail ballots have been successful in increasing voter turn out.  Pyle said that previous special question elections with all mail ballots have had turn out rates of 40% compared to the 15% at regular elections.

Voters are urged to return completed ballots as soon as possible.  If voters do not receive their ballots by January 15 or lose or damage their ballots, the county clerk’s office will issue a replacement ballot.  (Voters can contact the clerk’s office at 620-724-6115.)

Pyle emphasized the need for voters to sign the postage-paid return envelope, as the signature is required for the ballot to be counted.  Ballots that are received will be verified with voter registrations records and kept unopened in a secure location until election day, January 28.   Ballots must be received by noon on January 28 to be counted.
On election day, the clerk’s office will count all ballots to ensure that the number of ballots matches the number checked in on the voter registration files.  Once this number is verified, the ballots will be removed and separated from the envelopes, ensuring voters’ confidentiality.  The ballots will then be run through scanners that will tabulate the votes.
Unofficial election results will be posted at on the evening of January 28 and the official results will be available after the final canvass of ballots is held at 9 a.m. on February 2 in the commission room on the second floor of Crawford County Courthouse.


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