Guest Editorial: Why I Support Carson

by Josh Brueggemann

My 11-year-old son will potentially enter college, become draft eligible, and earn voting privileges during our next president’s term. Perhaps that’s why I’m following this race with more diligence. These realizations up the ante for me… the livelihoods of my children are at stake. Evaluating candidates under these terms helps me realize what I desire from our next president.

First, I would like an excellent role model for my son, someone with integrity, honor, courage, sincerity, wisdom, and faith. These things make our nation great, and I expect my president to model them. In recent months, some candidates have behaved in a manner that would earn severe consequences in my household. I want a president who models better behavior while leading my children into adulthood?

Second, I want a candidate whose track record I can count on. I don’t necessarily mean a voting record. I mean a record of consistently doing good just because it’s the right thing to do. I want a true public servant who acts sincerely out of love and goodwill.

Finally, I want a perpetual learner who can lead in difficult situations, problem solve under pressure, and take calculated risks. We need someone who knows how to respond when things go wrong and is wise in delegating and leading teams.

I want Dr. Ben Carson. He conducts himself with dignity and respect. I trust him to represent our country well on the world stage. He truly cares for humanity and is motivated by love and goodness. His track record of service, especially to vulnerable youth, provides solid proof. He demonstrates calm in an angry political environment. He is a professional with experience, courage and stamina to lead large teams in complicated high-risk endeavors. As president, Ben Carson can lead my children into a bright future with surgical precision.

Disclaimer: The views contained in this editorial do not represent those of The Pittsburg Appeal or its staff.

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