Guest Editorial: Why I Support Cruz

by Roger Wood

I support Ted Cruz because I promised my grand kids that I would fight to do everything that I could do to protect their liberty and Constitutional rights. We need a moral man with the character to actually stand up to tyranny and government abuse and Ted Cruz comes the closest by far in this Presidential race. Why? He and Rand Paul (who has dropped out of this race) were the only candidates who refused to pander or sell out to the ethanol lobby in Iowa. Iowa Governor Branstad called out for Ted Cruz’s defeat. Why? His son is an ethanol lobbyist in Iowa. Thank you to the Iowa Republicans who sacrificed their interests for the rest of America. ALL of the other candidates were for sale in Iowa.

I am for Constitutional and Biblical principles over human personalities. I met Ted Cruz at a VIP party in Dallas when he summoned me over to talk with him. He was running for Senate and I noted his ability to get people active for him. I also met Rand Paul who I like, but he was more aloof. We need an honest person who can educate and win over the American people who have been bathed in socialism for too long.

Ted Cruz was the youngest law clerk ever under Chief Justice Rehnquist. He successfully argued before the Supreme Court for the 2 nd Amendment and the Ten Commandments. I am a friend of Ted’s dad, Rafael, a minister.

Ted Cruz has put his ambitions in the Senate aside to stand up against the sellouts in the establishment. Ted does what he promises. Ted Cruz is the only candidate who proposed eliminating five unconstitutional federal agencies.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this editorial do not represent those of The Pittsburg Appeal or its staff.

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