Guest Editorial: Why I Support Clinton

By Joy Leeper

In 2008 black people voted for Obama, because he is black, with tears in their eyes. It meant little black children could aspire to be president. I want the same for my little great granddaughter being born in June! I will vote for Hillary with tears in my eyes, knowing that when she wins it will be an enormous victory and cultural change for women in America and everywhere! Women have fought for hundreds of years, been jailed and died to gain equality and still we do not have it! Its time for a woman to be president of our country and we will never have another more qualified than Hillary Clinton!

I looked up how many world leaders have been women. I was surprised to find that in the past century there have been over a hundred! Countries like Liberia, Pakistan and Bangladesh have elected women. Since 1943 in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe they have elected women. I’m ashamed we lag so far behind.

Hillary is the most qualified to be Commander in Chief because she has so much personal experience in world affairs. The first thing even her enemies say about Hillary is that she is highly intelligent and qualified to be President. I don’t have space here to address their criticisms, but I urge you to not just parrot them but look into them more thoroughly. Every one I have investigated was either an old baseless rumor or a position that can be explained. A lot of it is really sexism. So much mud has been thrown at her for so long that some of it has unfairly stuck in our minds.

She is the most admired woman in the world and has been for 17 of the last 18 years! We should treasure her! We should vote for her to be our president!

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