Guest Editorial: Why I Support Trump

by Mary Dell

First I must say I am not a political person at all in any way shape or form therefore, I personally find this man delightful. He has the guts to call a spade a spade. He is not colorblind, he most definitely is not a yes man. He stands alone in some of his opinions and obviously. as I stated earlier, he calls it like he sees it. To me an ideal ticket would be Chris Christie and Donald Trump.

He states it without the sugar coating unlike others. Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air and will not back off. He is a good man, a self made man. It is my sincere thought that he will most definitely turn this economy around and make the United States the lady she was intended to be. We have lost everything the past eight years and that is a tragedy. The Donald would definitely have advisers that are as smart as he is which we do not have and have not had now. He is not a stupid man. He has had the courage to say “I used the loopholes to get out of bankruptcy” now, I ask you who does that? He is a human being and that is all he professes to be not the messiah big difference here folks. He also does exactly what he says he will do and has proven it with the debates.

Donald Trump can put us together and it would not take the next eight years to do so. He is a doer, he is a power plant that we need badly very badly. There is no comparison when you look at it full on.

Disclaimer: The views in this editorial do not represent The Pittsburg Appeal or its staff

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