Murnan Announces Candidacy for State Representative

by Megan Stoneberger Johnson

photo credit: Tony White

Approximately forty adults and ten children gathered in the southern courtyard of Pittsburg Public Library on Tuesday evening as Monica Murnan officially announced her candidacy for Kansas state representative.

In his introduction of the candidate, Judge Don Noland said, “Monica truly reflects the values, work ethic, and spirit of southeast Kansas.”

Monica Murnan is currently the Director of Student Support Services at Southeast Kansas Education Service – Greenbush and current Pittsburg City Commissioner, and has served as mayor of Pittsburg, Executive Director of the Family Resource Center, and was a founding board member of the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas.

Monica Murnan greets supporters at the announcement for her candidacy for Kansas’s third district. Photo by Jeremy Johnson

Murnan said she is concerned about the direction our state government has been going, saying, “Many of the failed policies coming out of Topeka are the result of an agenda that disregards the best interests of Kansas citizens.  I want to help change that.”

Murnan decided to run for state representative because she feels strongly about “the need to approach each of the state’s policy decisions with facts, compassion, and a collaborative nature… It’s easy to make big, broad statements while campaigning, but the fact is legislative decisions are difficult, they require an attention to detail, and they are always very, very complex.”

According to Murnan, the state faces “the most significant challenges of our time.”

“For several years our state has chiseled away at our investments that strengthen Kansas families and communities,” she said. “Because of the failing tax policies of 2012 & ’13, our state is simply at a tipping point.  We will either continue to cut away at vital services our state needs, or we will fix the policies that have gotten us to this point.”

Monica said that the state must invest in education, an investment, she clarified, that begins before kindergarten.

Monica said that she felt that it was time to give back to a community that has provided her and her family with so much, adding, “I’m really concerned that those opportunities are becoming fewer and fewer.”

“Folks, it is time to take back our state,” Judge Noland claimed.  “It is time to restore common sense and respect for the rule of law in our state government.  I really believe, I really believe by electing Monica Murnan, we take a vital first step toward accomplishing that goal.”

The 3rd district state representative is currently Chuck Smith, who is in his first term in office.