People of Pittsburg: Julian Davis

by Andrea McCloskey, Pittsburg High School

photo: Andrea McCloskey

Homeschooled sophomore Julian Davis recalls the time 10 years ago when he discovered his love and passion for music. “I was bangin’ on my mom’s prop guitar in her photographic studio and I was making just enough racket that it made sense,” he said.

Davis is an accomplished musician with his band, Julian Davis and the Hay-Burners, with one album, Who Walks In When I Walk Out?, already released. The band plays anywhere from four to seven nights a week. He describes his music as “hillbilly backwoods, home creation, Americana, mixed with bluegrass and western swing of the 1940’s.”

“I’ve been all self-taught since the age of six,” said Davis. Because music has been a large part of his life, Davis says that music education is important. He says this is because it “makes [people] expand,” and introduces people to diversity. In addition, Davis says that “The way you walk is a beat and a pattern. All the notes represent the way you say a word.”

Davis says that his family is very supportive of his choices. Davis’s family has helped him “every step of the way.” The positive support from his family has helped Davis grow as a musician and expand to new horizons.

“The opportunities I’ve gotten from music have been extremely satisfying,” he said. Davis recounts how he started playing for free at open-mic nights at Fat Daddy’s and how he now has the opportunity to play for money. Davis even auditioned for America’s Got Talent this past April.

Davis says he will continue to make music. He hopes to become a household name and spread his love and enthusiasm for music, saying that he wants “to be the very best, like no one ever was.”

People of Pittsburg is a series from Emily Rountree’s Pittsburg High School Honors English class focusing on the stories of everyday residents of Pittsburg.