People of Pittsburg: Rebecca Adamson

by Chloe VanBecelaere, Pittsburg High School 

photo: Chloe VanBecelaere, Pittsburg High School

“Time is always the biggest challenge,” Rebecca Adamson, full-time nurse practitioner at the Crawford County Health Department and mother of four, said. Originally from Bunker Hill, Kansas, Rebecca moved to Pittsburg to become a nurse through programs at Pitt State. “I got interested and wanted to become a nurse because my mom was a nurse and worked at the Health Department in Russell County for 33 years,” she said.

Between taking care of the people of Crawford County and taking care of her family, Rebecca doesn’t find much time for herself. “I don’t really have time for a hobby,” she said. “I like to garden, but really between work and going to your kids’ things, there’s just not much time left for a particular hobby.”

This doesn’t stop Adamson from loving what she does, however. “Like most medical jobs, you can be sort of stretched thin, but really this is a great place to work. You get to work with people in the clinic, but it’s not like being in a hospital where you’re running around all day. At least you can get in your lunch break. This is really a good place to be.”

A typical day for Rebecca can include many things. She gets to work with people in several different programs. “Mostly when I’m in the clinic, a regular day is seeing patients here in the office. We do women’s health, but we also see people who are sick; just like with sore throats and stuff like that. I’m also a family nurse practitioner, so I can see people for their chronic health problems. I really don’t do that so much at the Health Department, but in the past I have – just like prescribing their medications and doing checkups and things. Other days I teach some different classes, such as Becoming a Mom, which is a prenatal class. I also teach a class to help pregnant women quit smoking.”

Adamson enjoys the variety of her job. “I really can’t pick a favorite program. It’s just all a good mix. I like all of them just about equally, and you never really get bored. It can be kind of fun to do the big classes, but I also enjoy being in the clinic.”

Being involved in all of these programs and working every day to meet the needs of the public can wear Rebecca out, but despite all of the challenges she loves to help other people. “I like working with the clients the most and helping them. My favorite part of my job is helping people, especially like in the clinic, and being able to get health care to them and making sure they’re getting what they need. I love what I do.”

“People of Pittsburg” is a series from Emily Rountree’s Pittsburg High School Honor’s English class focusing on the stories of everyday residents of Pittsburg.